How to Recover Facebook Account


It's a worst filling to know someone hacked your Facebook account. And he is illegally access your data like pictures, massages, etc. So, in this article we can see What you can do if your Facebook Account hacked. 

In Simply only one way to get access your Facebook Account is by Guessing your Facebook password. 

In Facebook, many ways to know how your Facebook account has been compromised. 

If your Facebook Account is hacked. So, first thing that you have to do it's change your facebook password.

Facebook Account is your personal space. No one to get access your account without your permission. But this "Facebook account is hacked" issued is common. So made times you hear your friends Facebook Account is hacked or compromised. 

Just imagine, What happenes one day you are wake up and you discover that your Facebook Account is hacked by someone or your Facebook Account is handled by someone unknown person. It's very very worst filling to know someone hacked your Facebook Account. But you should not lose your patience because there are may ways to Recover your Facebook Account. 

In Facebook's words, you should be ready for, if your Email, Password, Date of birth, your name has changed and Friends Request has been sent to who which you can know than person, messages has been sent that you didn't write and posts or ads has been uploaded that you don't create. So, be alert for that. 

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The first thing that you have to do it's change your facebook password. 

Follow bellows steps to Change your Facebook Password: 

▪︎  First go to "Settings and Privacy"

▪︎ Select "Password and Security"

▪︎ And then press on "Change Password" in Login section. 

Make sure that you remember your previous password. 

In the "Security and Login" page, you can also check the list of devices where you are logged in to. 

Click on "Where you're logged in" 

If you are discover that there is device that does not belong to you. So, you should immediately remove your account from that device. 

Also you can get in touch with Facebook support page or team. 

For Better Security's, I preferred please Activate "Two-factor authentication" in Security and Login page.

Facebook Account is contain your sensitive information. So, Keep it safe.

I hope this Article is helps you 


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