How to Send Fake Live Location on WhatsApp


WhatsApp tracks your area continuously and permits you to send it to your contacts. This feature can be very useful, particularly when you are having a get together or on the other hand to tell your friends, family or anybody else where you are.

Send Fake Live Location on WhatsApp

However, we can also send artificial location on WhatsApp to realise someone you are at somewhere else. This can be helpful in various conditions, like arranging something special for friends or family, pulling a trick, or when you are in some special private places that time you do not aks to your family's or friends that where you are.

This article and information is only for learning purpose, please don't use this information as wrong mindset.

Anything reason you could have, continue reading to learn how we can send  Artificial Location on WhatsApp.

Send Fake Live Location on WhatsApp

The most effective method to Send Artificial Location in WhatsApp is below:

So many applications are available in Play store for send artificial location, but we have one bestest and simplest app, that's Location Changer app.

So first you have Install the Location Changer app from Play store.

On opening that app you will see some massage read that and click on 'AGREE" button.

Allowe Location permission.

Now, you have first Enable Developer options for use Change your location

Follow below path to enable developer options:

Go to Settings > About Phone > Software information > Click 7 time on Build number continuously.

Now your developer options is enabled and it is seen in Settings at bottom.

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Click on Developer options and select mock location app. here you will see that location changer app, select that.

Now open Location Changer app and enter pin code which you want to for your live location and click on start button.

Finally all is done and now you are ready to send your Artificial but like real location on WhatsApp.

Open your WhatsApp app and select contact from list which you want send artificial location.

Here,  click on 'Location' button and share your Live Location.

Actually this Live Location is artificial live location.

So, this is the simplest way to Send someone Artificial Location on WhatsApp.

If you want to Send Real Live location on WhatsApp,  click on 'Stop' button in location changer app.

I hope this article is helps you, Thank you

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