What is UPI ID & How to Create it ?


The Facilities of UPI has killed the difficulty in money transferring. In traditional methods like IMPS/NEFT require the receivers name, contact number, bank account number, IFSC, etc. But this UPI payment system only require UPI ID/mobile number/QR code and that's unique for every user. 

The UPI ID react as a virtual payment address for all types of online transactions and money transfers. So, in this article we can understand WHAT IS UPI ID and HOW TO CREATE UPI ID in details. 

What is UPI ID ?

UPI ID is virtual payment address (VPA) for everyone who UPI user. For access the UPI services the user has requre generate a UPI ID for unique identifier for every user's identity. this UPI ID react as a way of the banks to run the user's account. 

A UPI ID is written in the following below format: 

abcd@bank (here 'abcd' can be your first name, your email address, your mobile number, etc and 'bank' is the name, initials, shortened name of the banks. 

Some UPI apps also use prefix or suffix in their UPI ID's. 

Example: If your mobile is 1234567890 and your bank is HDFC BANK then can be your UPI ID is 1234567890@hdfcbank 

For transfer money through any UPI apps, you don't to enter the receiver's UPI ID. simply select receiver's contact number from contact list or enter the receiver's mobile number to send money through UPI. the UPI ID completely and Securely independent of your bank account number or any other personal details. 

How to Create UPI ID ? 

For create a UPI ID, you have must follow below steps: 

▪︎ First of all download any UPI app like, Paytm, Google pay, Phone pe, BHIM UPI, etc. 

▪︎ just enter your mobile number. But if you have 2 sim card in your mobile phone, so first select that sim which is connected with your bank account. 

▪︎ Now SMS will be sent from your mobile number for verify your mobile number with bank. 

▪︎ Once it's done, you will have to select your bank name from the banks list. 

(Remember, make sure that the mobile number registered with your banks is same as the one you entered earlier.)

Now you will see your bank account details, conform that and proceed ahead. 

▪︎ If you linking your bank account for the first time, first set up your UPI PIN. for set up this UPI PIN you need your Debit cards details. 

▪︎ Finally, your bank account is linked with UPI and now you ready to make your first payment through UPI. 

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How to Send Money Using UPI ID ? 

In this fastest growing digital world, UPI payment system is one of the easiest and simplest way to transfer funds from one bank to another banks. 

Follow below steps to send money through UPI ID: 

▪︎ Login  your UPI app (Paytm, Google pay, Phone pe, BHIM UPI) and click on 'UPI/Send Money' option. 

▪︎ Select the receiver's contact number from your contact list or enter enter the receiver's mobile number. 

▪︎ Enter amount which you want to send, select your bank account and click on send. 

▪︎ Enter your UPI PIN, which associated with your bank account. amount will be immediately transferred from your bank account to receiver's bank account. \

▪︎ You can also send money though UPI by scanning any merchants/personal QR code. if receiver's does not have UPI app, just ask their UPI ID and enter that UPI ID manually and transfer money. 

Important Questions: 

Q 1 : What is UPI ID?

Ans: A UPI ID is your virtual payment address used for paying and recieving money through the UPI service. 

Q 2 : What is VPA?

Ans: VPA full form is Virtual Payment Address. Your VPA and UPI ID is same. 

Q 3 : Can I link multiple accounts to my UPI?

Ans: Yes, you can link multiple bank accounts to your UPI. You can also choose which bank account to use to make the payment or receive money using UPI.

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