How to Remove Password from a PDF

How to Remove Password from a PDF

          In order to remove a password from a PDF, we can use Acrobat pro software, this software paid but we can use free trial for remove pdf Password but you first need to know what type of password it is. There are two kinds of passwords that can be used on PDF files: Owner passwords and user passwords. If the password you’re trying to remove from your PDF is an owner password, the process becomes fairly simple and straightforward. However, if the password you’re trying to remove from your PDF is instead a user password, the process will require much more time and effort on your part. For more information on how to remove either an owner or user password from your PDF file, read through this guide. 

If you have mobile and don't have computer, so not to worry also you can unblock your pdf file in your mobile. Just follow this simple steps: 

Open the PDF in Acrobat Pro on Windows or Mac or Mobile 

To remove a password from a PDF, you must have the password. If you don't have the password, there's no way to remove it. The best way to find out if you have the password is to try opening the PDF. If you can open it, then you have the password. If you can't open it, then you don't have the password and there's no way to remove it. Acrobat Pro is the only program that can remove passwords from PDFs. It's a paid program, but there is a free trial available. To remove the password, open the PDF in Acrobat Pro and enter the password when prompted. Then click File > Save As and choose where to save the file. 

Choose Tools › Encrypt › Remove Security

Assuming you have the password for the PDF, open the document in Acrobat DC and choose Tools > Protect > Encrypt > Remove Security. You’ll be prompted to enter the password for the document. 

Click OK and then click Yes in the next dialog box that appears, confirming that you want to remove security from the document. 

Acrobat will then remove security from the PDF. Save your changes by choosing File > Save As and selecting a location for the unprotected PDF. 

You can also use this method to unblock a PDF file that has been restricted by applying password security. Simply enter the password when prompted, as described above. 

Once the security has been removed, you can save the PDF without any restrictions. 


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