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Increase Facebook followers

If you’re new to Genuine or if you’ve been using it for years, there are undoubtedly some features that you don’t know about—and we want to give you a head start.
One way to help you start using Genuine more effectively right away?
Follow our tips and tricks guide on how to boost your Genuine Facebook followers and see an instant increase in the number of people who interact with your posts and images!

1) Join Relevant Groups

One of the best ways to increase your Facebook followers is by joining relevant groups that you're interested in, or that are related to your business.
Groups are a great place for people with similar interests, which leads to more engagement and more visibility.
Joining groups also gives you an opportunity to engage in conversations with other members who may be interested in following you on Facebook.
In many cases, these interactions will lead directly back to your Facebook page and make it easy for them follow you there.

2) Share Engaging and Relevant Content

Genuine is a lifestyle brand that was launched in September 2017. The company focuses on creating innovative, high-quality products for the modern woman.
Genune's Facebook page has over 1,000 followers and growing. It can be tough for any company to gain an audience on social media, but there are three easy ways you can start increasing your Facebook following today.
The first tip is by adding shareable content to your page. Posting educational blog posts or engaging videos will help drive engagement and increase the likelihood of people liking and sharing your content with their friends.
Engaging content will also give potential customers a better idea of what you stand for and what you offer as a company, which in turn could lead them to follow you on Facebook.

3) Engage With Other Users

It's not enough to just post on your Facebook page, you need to engage with other users as well. This can be done by asking questions, posting things that are relevant to the topic of your Facebook page, and sharing links. By engaging in these ways you will increase the chance of people visiting your page and following you.
The more engagement that you generate for yourself, the more likely new followers will want to see what else is being posted by scrolling through their feeds.
#1-Comment on other pages: When commenting on other pages, it's important not only to put in a thoughtful comment but also reference something from your own Facebook page or website so that they have an incentive for clicking on it. A typical comment might say Great post!

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